Prayer Requests

Do you need us to pray for you or agree with you for something? We’d love to help. Simply fill out the form and our prayer team will get to praying on your behalf. Please email us and let us know when your prayer has manifested, we want to celebrate with you.

Gathering Groups

Periodically we gather together in smaller groups to have fun and enjoy activities. We offer Men’s get togethers, Married Couples’ events, Youth hang-outs and Seniors outings. We’ll post and let you know when an event is coming up.


Youth group happens Every Wednesday @ 7:30pm for Middle School through High School. We start out in ‘Big’ service, then go on our own for fun and info. For events and what’s ahead, stay tuned to our Instagram. Our rotating format includes Panel Night, Relevant Lessons and Game Night. MIDDLE SCHOOL is specifically designed for middle school students, and happens …