Rise 2020

Thanks so much for visiting one of our services. We’re so glad you participated. We have a special gift for you. Enjoy the free message titled 7 Things to Do When Fear Grips You and download our current corporate faith confession: Steadfast Cancellation Faith Confession below.

7 Things to do when fear grips you

Download 7 Things to Do When Fear Grips You

To listen to the FULL audio you may need click on the ‘download’ (arrow) icon at the far right on the audio player. Your download will begin and you will be prompted to select a folder to save the file in. If you click the Download Audio button, please note depending on your device/browser, the download may automatically start. Please check your downloads folder or the location you’ve previously designated for downloads to save. If prompted, choose a destination to save the file. Enjoy.

Join us a for a corporate confession. Click the image below to download now. Say the confession 7 times throughout the day for a week.

Steadfast Cancellation Faith Confession

We pray blessings for you and your family. We also look forward to having you join us for another fantastic church service this week.